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What our customers are saying

  • “BEDROS has worked great for our heat tracing purposes. One of its advantages over our other heat trace controllers is the ease of set point and alarm changes. Very limited training was required, and our production associates are most comfortable using that controller. Other major advantages are the range of alarm types and their audible/visual display. We used to have to constantly monitor the heat trace, and we often found out about failures too late, leading to hours of plant shut down. With BEDROS, issues can be easily heard, seen and tackled.”
  • Hilliard's Chocolate System is a manufacturer of chocolate machinery used by companies ranging from "Mom and Pop" candy stores to the largest confectioners in the world. We have been using Athena Controls since 1983 to maintain the critical temperatures needed in chocolate. Depending on the application we use the non-indicating 80 Series, 1/16 DIN model 16C and Foundation series model EMC10. We find Athena products to be reliable and cost effective. The staff, from sales to engineering to production are always ready to help when needed. I highly recommend Athena Controls. 
  • - RnD Associate, Ontario-based synthetic hydrocarbon producer

  • - Jim Bourne, President, Hilliard's Chocolate System