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Since 1965, Athena has been a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of digital and analog temperature and process control instrumentation for a wide range of industries and applications including chemical, food, HVAC, medical device, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics, refrigeration, semiconductor, vacuum furnace. We provide a broad range of custom modular temperature/process control boards, power controllers, staging controllers, hot runner controllers, digital controllers, analog controllers, and temperature sensors designed to meet today’s demanding temperature and process control applications. Our experts are standing by to help you select the right temperature or process controller for your specific needs.

Innovation Through Knowledge

company-hl1Athena’s customer-driven approach to solving simple to more complex temperature and process control problems is the hallmark of our company. Our innovative products and services continually exceed customer expectations. We are a world-class company that solves real world problems by partnering with customers to develop new products and control efficiencies across a wide range of existing and emerging technologies.

Excellence Through Design

company-hl2From the beginning, Athena’s mission has been to design and manufacture temperature and process control instrumentation that is rugged and durable, delivers an optimal level of performance, and provides the lowest possible cost of ownership. Athena’s focus on excellence through design has resulted in highly viable products that are widely accepted throughout the industries they serve, delivering on the company’s promise of Legendary Quality, Performance, and Value in Digital and Analog Temperature and Process Control Instrumentation.

Value and Quality Through Manufacturing

company-hl3Athena’s use of high-quality materials, award-winning lean manufacturing methods, and tight quality control has resulted in cost-effective products that provide maximum reliability and dependability. Often cited by OEMs as the company of choice when sourcing temperature and process control instrumentation, Athena is continuously recognized as an industry leader that delivers on the promise of true value and quality through best manufacturing methods.