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PDAC Recorder

A product recall or a citation for non-compliance can spell disaster for food processors. The costs can run into the millions and the hit to your company’s reputation could be fatal.

Digital data recorders are the cheapest insurance you can buy against these disasters. Digital data recorders improve data capture accuracy, reduce labor costs and help ensure FSMA compliance. Athena’s PDAC recorder is easily retrofitted into your existing line equipment and connectivity with your facility’s computer network. It provides the tracking and reporting you must have to remain competitive in the FMCPG industry.

PDAC is the safe way to capture and store process data. You can transfer your data quickly and safely to where you need it in the format you require.

You've automated every other important process in your facility - why would you continue to collect data manually? The PDAC is a digital data recorder that will help ensure information integrity and accuracy so you can be confident your process is FSMA-compliant.

pdf PDAC Universal Temperature/ Process Digital Recorder (514 KB)

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