Model F10 and F30 Foundation Series Controls

The Athena F10 and F30 are DIN rail mounted, autotuning controls that can be used for precise control of processes. The control outputs can be configured as direct-acting, reverse-acting or alarm. A bidirectional RS-485 communications interface is standard. Discrete status LED displays are provided for system status. The functionality of the F10 and F30 can be enhanced to include more analog inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs and analog outputs through the use of expansion modules.

Model F10 and F30 Master Modules DIN Rail Universal Temperature Process Controls


Model 20/40 Foundation Series Control

The Athena embedded Multi-Loop PID Control offers two (20) or four (40) loops of PID control for less cost than four separate loop controls with similar capabilities. The control offers universal RTD, TC and linear inputs with each PID loop capable of being independently autotuned. The control has a digital display output port and an expansion port (one on 20) (two on 40) for optional expansion cards.

Model 20/40 and 2C/4C Digital Display Boards

Foundation Series

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