BEDROS Controls

Bedros hot runner controls are compact, robust, and deliver more functionality than standard medium-sized miltizone runnerless controls. You get 8 to 32 zones of control with 15 amps per zone, expanded mold storage capabilities and and easy-to-use, fully featured touchscreen and joy stick interface.

Bedros and Bedros XL are used in a variety of applications in injection molding, thermaforming, extrusion and heat trace operations. Users can quickly set up their process, store the recipe and set up communications with an external network.


RMB Series Hot Runner Controls

Athena’s RMB Series Non-Modular Hot Runner control systems offer 1-12 zones of integrated control in a compact package design at an affordable price. These microprocessor-based control systems are specifically designed for runnerless molding applications. They are fully self-tuning, with built-in diagnostics, and features an easy-to-use operator keypad with simultaneous process and set point displays and discrete indicators for heat output, alarm, degrees F/C, manual/closed loop mode, and CompuStep®. The RMB/6 and RMB/12 units are equipped with a full -featured user-friendly operator keypad/LCD display and discrete indicators of heat, boost, closed loop, open loop, idle, and alarm for system status.

RMA Series Hot Runner Control

The The Athena Series RMA is a microprocessor-based, single-zone temperature control specifically designed for runnerless molding applications. It features an easy-to-use operator keypad, two LED displays, and discrete indicators for heat output, alarm, degree F/C indication, manual, and closed loop mode.

RMA Series

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