• BEDROS XL large zone hot runner temperature controller

BEDROS hot runner temperature controllers are compact, robust, and deliver more functionality than standard medium-sized multi zone runnerless controls. The standard BEDROS offers 32 zones of microprocessor based control, but the BEDROS XL can provide up to 64 zones of microprocessor based temperature control, all from a single touchscreen display. The touchscreen has mold recipe storage capabilities that simplify single and multi-zone system set-up.

Key Features include:

  • 8 to 64 zones of control with 15 amps per zone
  • A user-friendly color touch screen with intuitive HMI
  • Accepts “J” or “K” thermocouple input
  • CompuStep® bake out feature prevents moisture at start-up
  • Built-in loop break, short, open, and reverse thermocouple
  • Slaving feature
  • Adjustable set-point limits
  • “Boost” mode for temporary % of power output increase
  • USB or Ethernet communications
  • Remote input standby function
  • Remote alarm output contacts
  • Mold storage recipe capabilities
  • GFI protection

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General Hot Runner product overview

BEDROS and BEDROS XL Hot Runner Controllers datasheet

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BEDROS XL large zone hot runner temperature controller

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