• Series 86 Analog Temperature Controller

The Athena Series 86 analog temperature controller is a non-indicating, case or track mounted temperature controller that can be used for differential (on-off) to proportional control via simple adjustment. The controller accepts thermocouple or RTD input, and offers field changeable control outputs for relay, SS relay, or pulsed voltage. Analog Temperature Controller Features: Single-turn, 270° Rotation Potentiometer Field Changeable Control Outputs: Relay, SS Relay or Pulsed Voltage Failsafe in Open Sensor Conditions Optional Remote Setpoint Optional Solid-State Contactors for Boosting Power Handling Capacity Cooling Configuration Available Thermocouple or RTD Input Limit Controller Option

Analog Series 86 Electronic Temperature Control datasheet

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*Athena's ZC solid state contactors and Series 19 and 39 SCR power controllers can be added to boost AC load switching capacity.

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Series 86 Analog Temperature Controller

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