The IMP, RMA and RMT hot runner modules are the simplest to operate. They require no tuning because they have a fixed response time optimized for hot runner tips. These models are best suited to control the temperature for manifolds if the plastic has a reasonably wide processing temperature window. The RMB and RMC hot runner modules have fully tunable PID control, which enables them to maintain tight control of tips or manifolds. We recommend them for use with plastics that have a narrow processing temperature window. Prior to shipment, the RMB and RMC controllers are set to auto-tune, so when started on a cold system (>100 °F below setpoint), they automatically self-tune to match the system response. They can also be tuned by traditional methods like Ziegler Nichols.

The selected modules are designed to be used in mainframes connected with appropriate cables. Multiple mainframes can be combined to provide up to 48 zones for any given system. RMC modular controllers are equipped with ModbusTM communications to allow data collection and control from a remote PC or hand-held device. Athena has recently introduced the RMX controller which features a touchscreen for parameter set-up and easy to read displays of process parameters during operation; like the RMC, the RMX module is equipped with communication capabilities to allow data collection and control remotely.   

Datasheet on IMP series

Datasheet on RMA series

Datasheet on RMB series

Datasheet on RMC series

Datasheet on RMT series

Datasheet on RMX series

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